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Irreplaceable social containers

Efekt company accepts orders for social containers. These are objects that best adjust to such locations as construction sites and companies that do not have social facilities.


On request of the customer, our company will equip any container with a sanitary and hygienic unit. An additional possibility is a modular joining of the containers. It works well in case of larger numbers of employees. Thanks to the excellent quality of materials used by our team, we make solid constructions which serve companies for many years. Our facilities are located in many places throughout Poland and abroad, which is a perfect confirmation of their functionality. Our company strives to meet all the expectations of our customers, therefore, to this end we handle comprehensive assembly and disassembly of containers.


Social containers produced in our company are made of high-quality materials. This ensures a robust construction, low heat transfer coefficient as well as corrosion resistance. Containers that we produce, can be easily heated through the use of gas cookers and electrical installation, which is useful during operation in late autumn and winter on construction sites. Functional pavilions and social containers are also a remarkable solution for guarded car parks or industrial facilities.

Our objects are made of a sandwich panel, which is enhanced by appropriate filling. Its core constitutes a perfect acoustic and thermal insulation, thanks to which the inside of the container is comfortable, creating favourable working conditions.


Containers and social pavilions are a guarantee of full functionality. Their dimensions will be adjusted by our team to your individual expectations. It should also be mentioned that this type of construction solutions can be extended in any way you wish – along with the changing needs of the business you wish to conduct. You can also include additional partitions to create comfortable rooms inside the container. We take into consideration various expectations of our customers, hence we are ready and able to add extra solutions to our projects, such as lighting or security roller blinds.

Universal and modern pavilions for gastronomy - Modulairefekt

Universal and modern pavilions for gastronomy

Efekt company meets the expectations and needs of customers who want to set up a gastronomic business and thus, look for suitable premises. Gastronomic pavilions are the answer to the needs of such people. Due to the fact that they are modular constructions, they can be adapted in one hundred percent to the individual needs of each client. This applies both to the surface and the style of finishing.


The gastronomic pavilions that we can offer you are ideal for both small and large businesses. Our team will provide sanitary and hygienic facilities and adapt the container to sell all kinds of products. Once the client decides to purchase a gastronomic pavilion, the issue of high rental costs will disappear. If our customers wish to realize their idea for gastronomy or a bar, our containers will be perfect for such a role. Robust construction, low heat transfer coefficient – these are just some of the advantages that our facilities have, and thanks to them the premises will comply with all requirements. Yet another advantage is the possibility of putting such an object in almost any place chosen by the customer.


Our company provides full equipment such as doors, windows and gutters. Our offer also includes modularly connected pavilions. This allows to expand the customer’s business according to their individual needs.


The gastronomic pavilions produced by our company will become a showpiece of your business. Careful finishing will become an invitation which will be directed towards potential customers, becoming a great advantage thanks to which, the pavilion will stand out from amongst other public buildings. The gastronomic pavilions manufactured by our company meet all standards and technical requirements related to this type of buildings. It is also a way to use even the smallest space effectively. Purchasing such a facility allows to avoid costly and long-lasting construction works.


If you decide to cooperate with our team, we will guarantee a fully flexible service adapted to your needs and expectations. Our primary goal is for the pavilions delivered by us to fully satisfy our customers. This concerns both their functionality, usable area, method of finishing and use of additional solutions, such as glazing or lighting. We can also guarantee timely execution of every order.

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What are office containers?

Office containers are a flagship product of Efekt company. These containers may be used in every season of the year (all year long). They are distinguished by the universal character of their designation. Due to the fact, that our company works only on the best materials and proven, modern solutions, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality. We can ensure that the final visible effect will meet all our clients’ individual expectations.


The containers mentioned above are shaped in a modular manner. This feature allows them to occupy any surface and ultimately, if necessary, they can be easily extended with further modules. Our crew applies steel constructions and structures made of a sandwich panel with a polyurethane, polystyrene or mineral wool core in the process of production of office containers. The above is what makes the objects produced by Efekt company stable, resistant to any weather conditions, whilst providing comfort for those who use them. Durability and simplicity go hand in hand, therefore, the time from the design stage to the stage of putting the container in place is very short.


Aesthetics distinguishes office containers produced by Efekt company. Our customers will find many different solutions of finishing the external elevation within the company offer. They are available in various combinations which will certainly meet the expectations of even the most demanding investors with different needs and aesthetic tastes. Our company uses state-of-the-art elevation systems and solutions thanks to which we are able to achieve outstanding visual effects. Constant attention to every detail is also of importance in the production of this type of products.


Containers designed by us may be found both on the Polish market and abroad. They are distinguished by elegance, aesthetics and modernity. Containers produced by us can be temporary or fixed. Each facility also meets sanitary conditions. An important aspect is that our containers are characterized by quick assembly and disassembly as well as the possibility of extension (modular containers).