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Irreplaceable social containers

Efekt company accepts orders for social containers. These are objects that best adjust to such locations as construction sites and companies that do not have social facilities.


On request of the customer, our company will equip any container with a sanitary and hygienic unit. An additional possibility is a modular joining of the containers. It works well in case of larger numbers of employees. Thanks to the excellent quality of materials used by our team, we make solid constructions which serve companies for many years. Our facilities are located in many places throughout Poland and abroad, which is a perfect confirmation of their functionality. Our company strives to meet all the expectations of our customers, therefore, to this end we handle comprehensive assembly and disassembly of containers.


Social containers produced in our company are made of high-quality materials. This ensures a robust construction, low heat transfer coefficient as well as corrosion resistance. Containers that we produce, can be easily heated through the use of gas cookers and electrical installation, which is useful during operation in late autumn and winter on construction sites. Functional pavilions and social containers are also a remarkable solution for guarded car parks or industrial facilities.

Our objects are made of a sandwich panel, which is enhanced by appropriate filling. Its core constitutes a perfect acoustic and thermal insulation, thanks to which the inside of the container is comfortable, creating favourable working conditions.


Containers and social pavilions are a guarantee of full functionality. Their dimensions will be adjusted by our team to your individual expectations. It should also be mentioned that this type of construction solutions can be extended in any way you wish – along with the changing needs of the business you wish to conduct. You can also include additional partitions to create comfortable rooms inside the container. We take into consideration various expectations of our customers, hence we are ready and able to add extra solutions to our projects, such as lighting or security roller blinds.

One more solution of the ground for the pavilion

In a situation where we cannot pour a concrete bench or concrete blocks and the ground in the place where the pavilion is to be located is not horizontal, we can make a steel frame leveling the ground in this way.
Below are some photos of how our last client in the Netherlands has prepared.
After placing the pavilion on the frame, we cover the frame and all visible non-aesthetic elements with special covers.
Soon there will be a short video from this construction.

In the Netherlands, the next large European HYDAC company trusted the company EFEKT

After the well-known Eneco power plant in the Netherlands, another very popular HYDAC company trusted us and decided to order a pavilion for an office measuring 6m x 5m
Pavilion built of two modules, in the future I will present some photos from unloading

Modern designs of office pavilions

Sales of modern apartments, premises for offices or other activities usually take place in an equally modern environment. Also, office pavilions made of sandwich panels can be a place that catches the eye and where future buyers will feel good. The modern design of the office pavilion not only includes a space adapted to receive customers, but also the original facade, finishing and furnishing the interior of the pavilion. Modern designs of office pavilions include great opportunities for extending the facility with new modules and moving objects to new apartment sales locations. The facade of modern office pavilions is adapted to the appearance of neighboring buildings so that they form a coherent whole. Impressive office pavilions can take up a minimum of space, but also if necessary be modernized, and subsequent modules attached so that in comfortable conditions welcome those interested in buying an apartment.

Effect Pavilions in France

We had the pleasure of building a pavilion in a very sunny region of France in 83440 Montauroux
This is our first pavilion with dimensions of 7m x 5m

1 Aluminum glass door 1100mm x 2100mm 1 fixed window, 1200 mm x 2000 mm 1 fixed window 1300 mm x 2000 mm 3 windows opened 1000 mm x 2000 mm 1 window opened 800 mm x 1000 mm
In the future it will be used as an office.

Modular construction of the Efekt company is the future …

Modular construction has many advantages. The most important is the relatively short investment time, and thanks to shortening the time of construction works, this method is also cheaper. The advantage is also limiting the nuisance of construction works and environmental conditions. Conducting production work in the plant, rather than in an open area, reduces carbon dioxide and dust emissions, which directly affects the air quality

Currently, the market situation contributes to the increase in the popularity of modular construction. The increase in the prices of building materials – on the one hand, and the lack of employees – on the other, translate into higher costs for developers, which is why new modular technology improvements, innovative solutions that allow, for example, building high-rise objects.
Modular buildings are mainly built outside the plant, in a dry and safe facility, under strictly controlled conditions, protected from weather conditions, using the same materials (wood, concrete and steel), design codes and architectural specifications, as well as traditional construction methods.
 Modular buildings are far from a temporary solution and certainly the future will be … the company Efekt

The Eneco Power Plant from the Netherlands trusted us

Recently, we have built two pavilions for the Eneco power plant.
The first one is 12m x 6m and the second one is 5m x 2.75m
The location of the smaller pavilion was in a very difficult place, we had very little space to place the pavilion, photos below.

At a later time, he put a few photos from the unloading of a larger pavilion built of 4 modules.
I invite you to read.