Nowadays, the running of your own business activity is very common - retail, service or other type of business activity. It is necessary to have an office, headquarters, own store, commercial building or service building, while keeping in mind that the building representing your company has to be aesthetic, modern and it must attract potential customers. A very good way to solve this problem is the installation of a commercial pavilion manufactured by our company. Commercial pavilions, in addition to a modern and aesthetic appearance, constitute a practical solution in contemporary construction industry. Commercial pavilions are manufactured with the use of lightweight casing technology. They are also known as office pavilions, commercial pavilions i.e. stores, service pavilions, as well as storage pavilions. Our pavilions are made of sandwich panels with insulated floor with colours matched to the customer’s taste. Installation of the pavilion does not require foundations, so there’s a possibility of quick expansion of the building, as well as the possibility to move it to a different location. The buildings made of sandwich panels are a very good thermal insulator. These buildings are characterized by interesting appearance, they do not require frequent maintenance and they are usually installed in the most strategic locations. Another advantage is the quick installation at the construction site, which usually takes from one to a maximum of four days. The pavilion can be equipped with electrical installation. Price of the pavilion depends on the individual needs of the customer and it is mainly determined by window joinery made of PVC or aluminium. Office pavilions or commercial pavilions often include the glazing of entire front wall, while the price is also affected by the use of finishing elements of different shapes. Colours of the flashings and colour of the wall depends on preferences of the given customer.