Tue, 03 Aug 2021 22:29:00 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Prefabricated industrial halls Tue, 20 Jul 2021 22:26:00 +0000 The halls are all year round objects which are intended for storage, production, trade fair etc. This type of containers is made as a steel structure covered with a sandwich panel or encased in various types of metal sheets, e.g. trapezoidal.


Prefabricated halls are distinguished by their modern technology using sandwich panels. An undeniable advantage is the speed of construction as opposed to brick or casting technology. Another advantage is the possibility of applying any kind of finishing to external walls, whilst they remain in their original form. The customer chooses the colour from a wide range of shades. The halls are produced using products which have current ITB (Building Technology Institute) and PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene) approvals. This allows to use the objects for various purposes.

Another advantage that distinguishes prefabricated halls is the ease of keeping them clean. A normal pressure washer can be used without any problems. Another advantage is that such a facility is very easy to expand. When there is no longer enough space in our hall, several elements can be delivered quickly and easily. We will keep the same colour and look.


The hall that has already been erected can easily be modified and modernised at any time. This includes, for example, the fitting of a garage gate, for which we do not need to make any structural changes. In such pavilions, we can use various types of skylights. This will allow us to reduce energy consumption costs. It is possible to erect a smaller object inside the hall or mark out rooms.

Containers made of sandwich panels by Efekt company Thu, 15 Jul 2021 22:22:00 +0000 The company Efekt produces and supplies various types of containers.  Our offer includes:

  • Commercial containers
  • Service containers
  • Office containers
  • Social containers
  • Containers for individual orders (meeting specific customer requirements)


Containers are objects which are built of sandwich panels. They are primarily intended for storage, warehousing various types of products, raw materials, etc. They are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions and very good thermal insulation. Containers produced by our company are adjusted to the individual requirements of investors.


Each order is processed by our employees individually, in relation to the needs of each client, so that the execution of the facility is tailored to the requirements of investors in order to make the best use of space within a given investment.


Efekt company, as a manufacturer of containers, sells on order. The appearance and use of our products depend on individual customer needs. Our offer contains such products as commercial, service, office, social and gastronomic containers. All of them meet sanitary and hygienic requirements. Storage containers are manufactured with appropriately reinforced construction. Prices of new containers are subject to individual consultation (sale or leasing).


The containers for sale, available in our offer, can be additionally equipped with air conditioning. Its installation will not cause any problems, so you can place it on any wall. Walls which are made of sandwich panels are certified by PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene) and ITB (Building Technology Institute), which signifies the possibility of storing all kinds of products on them.

Porter-lodge, guard-lodge and garages of the company Efekt Wed, 07 Jul 2021 22:18:00 +0000 In Efekt company, pavilions are produced ecologically, energy-efficiently and in a modern style. Porter-lodges and garages that customers will find in our offer meet Polish Standards (PN), which are valid since this year. This means that they have an appropriate steel construction, which is in every respect adapted to the snow and wind zones of a given region. Porter-lodges and garages designed by us, have thick walls and a roof with appropriate heat transfer coefficients. However, the most important aspect is the way of assembly – minimized number of thermal bridges.


Garages made of sandwich panels are made according to the individual wishes of each customer. The dimensions and all parameters needed to design the facility are agreed with the investor and adjusted to his requirements. A garage is often used as a utility room whose area does not exceed 25 square metres. It can be made on request as a fixed area. The only requirement the client must meet in this case is to have a building plot of at least 600 square metres. The production of garages takes place on the site of our company and the garage is delivered as a whole or in elements adapted to be assembled on the target location by our well-trained staff.


Porter’s and guard’s lodges of Efekt company are made comprehensively – all aspects are adjusted to the customer’s wishes, so they can be used immediately and without problems. Porter’s and guard’s lodges designed by our team, are mainly used as guardhouses and guards lodges for security staff. We produce our porter’s lodges in various dimensions, with any equipment, number and location of windows and doors. We adjust these elements for each customer according to their expectations.

The walls of our porter’s and guard’s lodges are mainly made of sandwich panels thanks to which they are very functional, easy to maintain, safe and durable for many years. The solid steel construction of the objects allows them to be moved to different locations many times. They can be used permanently or temporarily. The porter’s lodge will surely work well at entrances to the property or e.g. at warehouses.

Where to buy a commercial pavilion? Tue, 29 Jun 2021 11:07:33 +0000 Efekt company’s commercial pavilions are manufactured in modular systems. Our objects are made of prefabricated elements, thanks to which the lead time is very short. This is probably a great advantage for the client, as the investment phase is shortened, so the possible return on investment is faster.


Our offer includes ready-made pavilions (mobile commercial pavilions) for sale for cash or leasing. These include service containers, which can be used e.g. for cafes. Such a facility will certainly meet the requirements of even the most demanding customer.


Kiosks can be used as a gastronomic point or as an exhibition pavilion, commercial, gastronomic stands which will be used as a small gastronomic booth with a serving window, points of sale for a flat sales office, parking booths as a Porter’s or Guardians’ lodge. Industrial objects used for storage or production halls. Pavilion prices can be lowered by reducing the use of window and door frames in the selected object made of sandwich panels.


Thanks to the flexibility of such a system, there is no problem, that if a pavilion is enlarged, it cannot be quickly extended and adapted to your needs. Already at the design and construction stage, our team applies very advanced solutions including a set of basic installations, bathrooms, air conditioning, ventilation, alarm systems.


Containers made by Efekt company have a steel construction. The walls of the pavilions are made of “PW” type sandwich panels with polyurethane, polystyrene or mineral wool core, and the floor is installed on galvanised steel construction elements, insulated with mineral wool and covered with OSB board, which is supported by steel frames. Our company also manufactures much more advanced and complicated pavilions, which consist of spatial modules, containing complete rooms.


Pavilions that are available in our offer can have a substantially large space, which depends on the wishes and requirements of the customer. Lightweight prefabricated foundations can be used to put them in place. This is especially important if the building is to be temporary. This means, that official procedures related to building permits are simplified and the investment process is cheaper and much faster. No one should be surprised that our team will adapt to all the requirements of our clients and will propose comprehensive solutions.

Garage and storage shelters Wed, 16 Jun 2021 11:58:32 +0000 The shelters can be divided, among others, into garages and storage facilities. In our offer, these are objects made of “obornicka board”. They are adjusted to customer preferences, depending on the type of product, equipment, material etc. stored in shelters.


In our company, we produce various storage, garage and bus shelters. Each one is adapted in size to the communication demand. These types of facilities are weather-resistant, which is very important in our temperate climate.


Garage shelters can be provided in any shape and size. They are manufactured for storing a car, a bicycle, a motorbike or other mechanical equipment. There is a possibility of reconstruction, an extension of the shelter to a larger one. What is important, they can also be reconstructed into a closed facility, e.g. a standard garage.


Building a garage or storage shelter made of sandwich panels allows for easy and clean upkeep. When building a facility with our panels, it is possible to combine various types of materials such as polycarbonate plate.

Sandwich panels garages Mon, 07 Jun 2021 11:42:52 +0000 Sandwich panels garages are designed and manufactured in lightweight casing technology. They take the form of a single garage (one module garage shed) or a multi-space garage (one large facility with several entrance gates).


The load-bearing construction of the garage is made of cold-bent profiles, which are covered with sandwich panels with a styrofoam core, less frequently polyurethane. In our offer, customers will find finished and prefabricated garages. This will allow you to quickly put up a container and hide your vehicle and other things that you will want to store there.


The production of the garage starts from the design phase to the building phase on the site. It takes about four weeks. The main advantage of a garage made of sandwich panels is the possibility to move the facility as many times as necessary. Garages made of “obornicka board” can be adapted to the surroundings, thus obtaining an elevation identical to that on plastered buildings. This results, that a garage made of sandwich panels does not visually differ from a garage made in the traditional technology.

Wide application of industrial halls Fri, 28 May 2021 20:28:52 +0000 Industrial halls are all-year-round facilities. They are mainly used for warehousing, production, trade and fair purposes.


The halls are produced as a steel structure covered with a sandwich panel or encased in various types of metal sheets, e.g. trapezoidal. Prefabricated halls are distinguished by their production in modern technology with the use of “Obornicka boards”. The main advantage is the quick assembly as opposed to brick or cast technology.


Another advantage is the possibility of applying any kind of finishing to external walls. However, they can stay in their original form. It is up to the customer to choose from a wide range of colours. The halls are produced from products which have valid ITB (Building Technology Institute) and PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene) approvals. Thanks to them it is possible to use the objects for various purposes.


Another advantage that distinguishes prefabricated halls is the ease of keeping them clean. A simple pressure washer can be used without any problems. Another significant advantage is the very easy extension of such a facility.


When there is no longer enough space in the hall, several elements can be added quickly and easily in the same colour and with identical appearance.

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Application of security cabin Mon, 17 May 2021 20:11:42 +0000 Security cabins are small modular units, designed individually for each customer; they are distinguished by their rather small surface and large glazing.


Our modular security cabin is a single module with its own steel construction, thermally insulated walls and a roof. We make buildings in standard without equipment, however, if the customer wishes, we can make interior finishing: floor panels, electrical installations, sanitary equipment and installations. Extended roof, large glazing, often sliding windows and external blinds are just some of the characteristic features of a security cabin.


Whether it is a company headquarters, hospitals, trade fairs or car parks, the security cabin is a showpiece for visitors.
These types of facilities are used as porter’s lodges, guard lodges, parking booths, security company pavilions, sales kiosks.


Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of this type of facilities is the modular construction which allows not only to change the place of use of the facility but also to quickly assemble it. The object is built entirely in our factory and it is transported in the form of a single module to the customer and assembled on site. The assembly is a very quick task and after a few hours, the object is ready for use.

Industrial, service and commercial buildings of the company Efekt Thu, 06 May 2021 19:49:11 +0000 The offer of Efekt company contains competitive prices and quality services, including delivery and assembly of industrial buildings and steel halls.


Our industrial buildings are of the highest quality. We provide comprehensive construction of industrial buildings in the whole country and abroad.
Our team uses modern and verified technologies, which are in accordance with the current safety standards. We use only materials from renowned manufacturers, which guarantees the high quality of our buildings.


Efekt company is constantly enriching and developing its offer of industrial buildings and halls to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers and to adapt to the constantly changing conditions on the construction market. Our company is open to the realization of orders for industrial buildings and halls of various purposes. In our offer you will find, among others:

  • commercial pavilions
  • gastronomic pavilions
  • kiosks
  • garages
  • security containers
  • office pavilions

As a modern and dynamic expanding company, we place great emphasis on the most important aspects, which are: quality, functionality and construction safety.


The staff working in the company Efekt always strives to meet the expectations of all customers.
The main advantages of our facilities are:

  • optimal steel frame of the hall
  • adjusting the dimensions of objects to each client
  • a wide range of façade colour solutions

Our industrial facilities are distinguished by:

  • high acoustic and thermal insulation parameters, which can be adapted to customer needs
  • weather resistance
  • precision of assembly
  • very high comfort factor
  • exploitation that is failure-free
  • modern design

If you are interested in a pavilion or a container made of sandwich panels for any application, feel free to contact us.

Experienced producer of gastronomic pavilions – the company EFEKT Mon, 26 Apr 2021 17:02:06 +0000 Professional facilities for the gastronomic industry are an ideal solution for both stationary restaurants and mobile facilities whose location depends on organized events etc.


We offer our customers a comprehensive execution of the facility from the design phase through production to transport and assembly. In addition to the modern design, our facility is primarily characterized by solid workmanship and strong construction. These features are ensured by the highest quality materials, durable and perfectly tailored to the requirements of customers.


Gastronomic pavilions produced by P.W.EFEKT company enrich the place where they are located, attract your customers with their unique external appearance, functionality, work comfort, convenience and a customer-friendly atmosphere.
The modular construction enables quick assembly and disassembly of the facility, possibility of moving it to another location, extension with new modules, e.g. sanitary module or a place for visitors.


Snack bar containers are also used as catering facilities in companies, logistics centres, trade fairs, special events, etc.
Gastronomic container is primarily a box type facility where the sale takes place on the basis of serving meals outside the facility. Customers also opt for gastronomic facilities with space, where customers can sit and eat a meal inside the facility, DRIVE-type gastronomic containers where orders are handed in directly to drivers to the cars.


Our company also provides complex gastronomic objects of larger sizes, restaurants, pubs, canteens, company canteens.
We have presented below a few models of Gastro type facilities made by EFEKT company.