Warehouses halls made of sandwich panels - Modulairefekt

Warehouses halls made of sandwich panels

Warehouse halls within our offer are objects made of sandwich panels. Their main purpose is to store, stock various types of products, raw materials, etc. Their characteristic feature is high resistance to weather conditions and very good thermal insulation.


Warehouse halls are produced by our company for individual customer needs. Our offer contains products designated both for large buildings as well as for small buildings. You can also add such warehouse hall to an existing building.


Warehouse halls that we offer can be equipped with air conditioning. Its installation is completely trouble-free – it can be installed in every place, on every wall. This allows us to make the best use of the rooms. Walls which are made of sandwich panels have PZH and ITB approvals. This means that we can store all kinds of products on them. Our warehouse halls are produced on the basis of a lightweight casing made of sandwich panel. This provides our clients with ample possibilities when developing their business.

Modern designs of office pavilions

Sales of modern apartments, premises for offices or other activities usually take place in an equally modern environment. Also, office pavilions made of sandwich panels can be a place that catches the eye and where future buyers will feel good. The modern design of the office pavilion not only includes a space adapted to receive customers, but also the original facade, finishing and furnishing the interior of the pavilion. Modern designs of office pavilions include great opportunities for extending the facility with new modules and moving objects to new apartment sales locations. The facade of modern office pavilions is adapted to the appearance of neighboring buildings so that they form a coherent whole. Impressive office pavilions can take up a minimum of space, but also if necessary be modernized, and subsequent modules attached so that in comfortable conditions welcome those interested in buying an apartment.

Effect Pavilions in France

We had the pleasure of building a pavilion in a very sunny region of France in 83440 Montauroux
This is our first pavilion with dimensions of 7m x 5m

1 Aluminum glass door 1100mm x 2100mm 1 fixed window, 1200 mm x 2000 mm 1 fixed window 1300 mm x 2000 mm 3 windows opened 1000 mm x 2000 mm 1 window opened 800 mm x 1000 mm
In the future it will be used as an office.

Modular construction of the Efekt company is the future …

Modular construction has many advantages. The most important is the relatively short investment time, and thanks to shortening the time of construction works, this method is also cheaper. The advantage is also limiting the nuisance of construction works and environmental conditions. Conducting production work in the plant, rather than in an open area, reduces carbon dioxide and dust emissions, which directly affects the air quality

Currently, the market situation contributes to the increase in the popularity of modular construction. The increase in the prices of building materials – on the one hand, and the lack of employees – on the other, translate into higher costs for developers, which is why new modular technology improvements, innovative solutions that allow, for example, building high-rise objects.
Modular buildings are mainly built outside the plant, in a dry and safe facility, under strictly controlled conditions, protected from weather conditions, using the same materials (wood, concrete and steel), design codes and architectural specifications, as well as traditional construction methods.
 Modular buildings are far from a temporary solution and certainly the future will be … the company Efekt

De kleuren van het paviljoen, Kantoorunit, Vakantiehuis Bungalow

Deze keer zullen we het hebben over het kleurenschema van onze Woonunit, Containers en Tiny House paviljoens – binnen en buiten.

Wij komen dagelijks RAL-kleuren tegen. Het RAL-kleurenregister is geen wettelijk bindende norm, maar vormt de basis van een vrijwillige regeling die tot doel heeft de kwaliteit van de productie en de dienstverlening te verbeteren en de communicatie tussen leveranciers en klanten te vergemakkelijken.

Het RAL-paletten worden gebruikt om de kleur te bepalen van talloze industriële producten, architecturale elementen en binnenhuisinrichting, en worden ook veel gebruikt in de reclame – bijvoorbeeld om de kleur te bepalen van media en dragers. Bij het bestellen van de poedercoating van standconstructies, cassetteprofielen, enz., zal u meestal gevraagd worden de kleur volgens het RAL-systeem op te geven.

Volledige reeks RAL-kleuren en kleuraanduidingen

Het RAL-kleurenpalet bestaat uit twee collecties: RAL Classic en RAL Design System. Tot de meest populaire RAL-sjablonen behoort de historisch gezien eerste en relatief beperkte RAL Classic-collectie, die kan worden geïdentificeerd aan de hand van kleuraanduidingen met vier cijfers.

Hieronder vindt u ons voorbeeld standaard RAL-palet dat u kunt gebruiken in het ontwerp van uw favoriete Smart Home, Office Containers, Tiny Houses

Kleurbeschrijvingssleutel volgens RAL CLASSIC

1XXX – yellow, from 1000 to 1034, a total of 27 colors
2XXX – orange colors, from 2000 to 2012, a total of 12 colors
3XXX – reds, from 3000 to 3031, a total of 22 colors
4XXX – violet colors, from 4001 to 4010, in total 10 colors
5XXX – blues, from 5,000 to 5024 in total 23 colors
6XXX – greens, from 6000 to 6034, a total of 32 colors
7XXX – gray, from 7000 to 7047, 37 colors in total
8XXX – browns, from 8,000 to 8028, a total of 19 colors
9XXX – white and black, from 9001 to 9018, 12 colors in total

De meest populaire kleuren in ons bedrijf

Modular construction Effect

Modular construction is a response to the needs reported by the market. Both individual clients and enterprises who are looking for modern design and comfort, while expecting lower costs and shorter time of investment implementation. What are the advantages of modular construction from the perspective of the investor and the future investment user?

A number of benefits for the investor
There are many reasons to consider the choice of modular construction at the expense of traditional construction. Noteworthy is, above all, the huge saving of time, and thus – money, which in part results from lower labor costs, and partly from the lower costs of the entire project. The modular building of the Efekt company requires only the preparation of foundations on which later prefabricated modules are placed. Depending on the size of the building and the complexity of the project, this allows you to shorten the implementation time

Money is usually the basic argument in favor of modular construction, but not the only one. Mention must also be made of the great freedom in terms of arrangement, as well as almost unlimited expansion possibilities. Construction carried out using prefabricated elements is also less risky and free of many obstacles. The weather does not have such a big influence in its case as in the context of traditional construction, the risk of theft of materials or tools is practically non-existent and there is no need to employ a supervision inspector.

While in the case of traditional construction methods, big concerns are usually related to contractors and the quality of their work, in modular construction they are completely unnecessary. Our professional team is responsible for the implementation of the order. An undoubted advantage is also a guarantee, which will be covered by the building, which for a certain time will allow you to forget about any defects and costs of their repair.


Installatie van een 8 × 6 kantoorunit opgebouwd uit drie modules

Snelle montage van het paviljoen 8 × 6 opgebouwd uit drie modules in Schweinnfurt, Duitsland

Het kostte ons slechts één dag om het paviljoen van 8 x 6 meter in elkaar te zetten. Het modulaire paviljoen is opgebouwd uit drie modules.

Standaard uitrusting.

Hieronder ziet u het lossen en monteren van het verplaatsbare gebouw.

In de nabije toekomst gaan we naar Nederland om weer een zeer populair mobiel commercieel paviljoen te bouwen.

Die zal dienen als een kantoorunit

Ik moedig u aan om de inzendingen te volgen.