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Office container – your company’s showpiece

Office containers produced by our company are tailor-made to fit the individual needs of each and every customer. There are no limits to the size and design of our office containers. Office containers produced by us are flexible modular objects. The modular construction of our containers allows for quick extension and shift to another location.


Office containers used as company offices, apartments sales offices for developers, offices of production managers, offices of company divisions in a different location than the headquarters, car sales offices (car dealer), car rental offices, advisory containers, office containers with workshops, office containers for sale of caravans. We equip our office objects with sanitary facilities, electrical installation and floor finishing (floor panels). Thanks to the modular construction, the only restrictions to the size (width, height and height) of the object are the customer’s needs.


Office containers made from materials with very good thermal insulation properties, walls made from sandwich panels, airtight window frames, glasses with a low sound and heat permeability coefficient have a positive impact on the object’s operating costs (heating costs in office containers).


P.E.EFEKT S.C. produces, supplies and assembles modular office containers of any width, height and height. We manufacture pavilions for individual orders. We offer equipment such as social rooms with office equipment.

What are office containers - Modulairefekt

What are office containers?

Office containers are a flagship product of Efekt company. These containers may be used in every season of the year (all year long). They are distinguished by the universal character of their designation. Due to the fact, that our company works only on the best materials and proven, modern solutions, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality. We can ensure that the final visible effect will meet all our clients’ individual expectations.


The containers mentioned above are shaped in a modular manner. This feature allows them to occupy any surface and ultimately, if necessary, they can be easily extended with further modules. Our crew applies steel constructions and structures made of a sandwich panel with a polyurethane, polystyrene or mineral wool core in the process of production of office containers. The above is what makes the objects produced by Efekt company stable, resistant to any weather conditions, whilst providing comfort for those who use them. Durability and simplicity go hand in hand, therefore, the time from the design stage to the stage of putting the container in place is very short.


Aesthetics distinguishes office containers produced by Efekt company. Our customers will find many different solutions of finishing the external elevation within the company offer. They are available in various combinations which will certainly meet the expectations of even the most demanding investors with different needs and aesthetic tastes. Our company uses state-of-the-art elevation systems and solutions thanks to which we are able to achieve outstanding visual effects. Constant attention to every detail is also of importance in the production of this type of products.


Containers designed by us may be found both on the Polish market and abroad. They are distinguished by elegance, aesthetics and modernity. Containers produced by us can be temporary or fixed. Each facility also meets sanitary conditions. An important aspect is that our containers are characterized by quick assembly and disassembly as well as the possibility of extension (modular containers).

One more solution of the ground for the pavilion

In a situation where we cannot pour a concrete bench or concrete blocks and the ground in the place where the pavilion is to be located is not horizontal, we can make a steel frame leveling the ground in this way.
Below are some photos of how our last client in the Netherlands has prepared.
After placing the pavilion on the frame, we cover the frame and all visible non-aesthetic elements with special covers.
Soon there will be a short video from this construction.

In the Netherlands, the next large European HYDAC company trusted the company EFEKT

After the well-known Eneco power plant in the Netherlands, another very popular HYDAC company trusted us and decided to order a pavilion for an office measuring 6m x 5m
Pavilion built of two modules, in the future I will present some photos from unloading

Modular construction Effect

Modular construction is a response to the needs reported by the market. Both individual clients and enterprises who are looking for modern design and comfort, while expecting lower costs and shorter time of investment implementation. What are the advantages of modular construction from the perspective of the investor and the future investment user?

A number of benefits for the investor
There are many reasons to consider the choice of modular construction at the expense of traditional construction. Noteworthy is, above all, the huge saving of time, and thus – money, which in part results from lower labor costs, and partly from the lower costs of the entire project. The modular building of the Efekt company requires only the preparation of foundations on which later prefabricated modules are placed. Depending on the size of the building and the complexity of the project, this allows you to shorten the implementation time

Money is usually the basic argument in favor of modular construction, but not the only one. Mention must also be made of the great freedom in terms of arrangement, as well as almost unlimited expansion possibilities. Construction carried out using prefabricated elements is also less risky and free of many obstacles. The weather does not have such a big influence in its case as in the context of traditional construction, the risk of theft of materials or tools is practically non-existent and there is no need to employ a supervision inspector.

While in the case of traditional construction methods, big concerns are usually related to contractors and the quality of their work, in modular construction they are completely unnecessary. Our professional team is responsible for the implementation of the order. An undoubted advantage is also a guarantee, which will be covered by the building, which for a certain time will allow you to forget about any defects and costs of their repair.

Onze gerealiseerde projecten

Met één klik vindt u al onze projecten uit het verleden en kunt u zien wat wij tot nu toe hebben gedaan. Een kaart van twee jaar geleden en de huidige kaart. We willen het graag met u delen. Om onze kaart van de al gerealiseerde projecten te zien, klik hier of door onze website te bezoeken (, open het tabblad “Onze projecten “.

Door met de muis over de gemarkeerde kaart te bewegen, kunt u details vinden over de locatie van Kantoorunits, Kantoor, Zelfbouwcontainer. U kunt ook uitzoeken voor wat soort bedrijf Tiny House, Smart Home, Office Containers werden gebruikt, alsmede informatie over de klanten. Elk uitgevroerde projekt gaat vergezeld van foto van Praktijkruimte, Mantelzorgwoning, die hopelijk een idee geeft van de projectmogelijkheden. Het is goed te beseffen dat er vele opties voor modulaire gebouwen zijn, en dat de beslissing afhangt van uw eisen. Wij stemmen het ontwerp af op uw behoeften. Sommige klantengroepen hebben bepaalde voorkeuren en klassieke keuzes die soms op elkaar lijken. Zie de voorbeelden van onze bestellingen in Duitsland, Oostenrijk, Nederland en België, die variabel zijn. Kijk eens naar onze klanten in het VK, die u in het echt kunt vinden en zien als u wilt. Kijk ook eens naar onze andere locaties om te zien waar we al geweest zijn. Het belangrijkste is dat u met onze hulp hopelijk geïnspireerd kunt raken om uw eigen perfecte modulaire bouwproject te creëren.

Efekt-Dakpanelen voor modulair gebouw, Efekt-Paviljoen, Efekt-Draagbaar gebouw

Efekt-Dakpanelen voor modulair gebouw, Efekt-Paviljoen, Efekt-Draagbaar gebouw. De dakpanelen van onze paviljoenen kunnen ook worden gebruikt als dakbedekking in: openbare voorzieningen (kantoorgebouwen, administratieve en sociale gebouwen, sociale kantoorruimtes, markten), sport- en tentoonstellingsvoorzieningen (amusements- en sporthallen, zwembaden), commerciële en industriële voorzieningen (koel- en vrieshuizen, droogkamers, magazijnen, voedselverwerkende bedrijven, werkplaatsen, autowasstraten, autoshowrooms, benzinestations), hallen en hangars (industriële, opslag-, productie-), containerbouwvoorzieningen (paviljoens, horecakiosken), modulaire gebouwen, mobiele gebouwen, commerciële en dienstverlenende voorzieningen, benzinestations, terminals (luchthavens, grensovergangen), stations, depots, industrie- en sporthallen, productie- en opslaggebouwen, commerciële en dienstverlenende paviljoenen, horecapaviljoenen, bouwplaatsen, sociale en administratieve gebouwen, tuinhuisjes, vakantiewoningen, operatiecabines in overdekte productiehallen, enz.
Indien technische goedkeuringen het toelaten, kunnen sommige soorten dakpanelen ook worden gebruikt voor de constructie van binnenvloeren.