Porter-lodge, guard-lodge and garages of the company Efekt

Porter-lodge, guard-lodge and garages of the company Efekt

In Efekt company, pavilions are produced ecologically, energy-efficiently and in a modern style. Porter-lodges and garages that customers will find in our offer meet Polish Standards (PN), which are valid since this year. This means that they have an appropriate steel construction, which is in every respect adapted to the snow and wind zones of a given region. Porter-lodges and garages designed by us, have thick walls and a roof with appropriate heat transfer coefficients. However, the most important aspect is the way of assembly – minimized number of thermal bridges.

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Wide application of industrial halls - Modulairefekt

Wide application of industrial halls

Industrial halls are all-year-round facilities. They are mainly used for warehousing, production, trade and fair purposes.


The halls are produced as a steel structure covered with a sandwich panel or encased in various types of metal sheets, e.g. trapezoidal. Prefabricated halls are distinguished by their production in modern technology with the use of “Obornicka boards”. The main advantage is the quick assembly as opposed to brick or cast technology.


Another advantage is the possibility of applying any kind of finishing to external walls. However, they can stay in their original form. It is up to the customer to choose from a wide range of colours. The halls are produced from products which have valid ITB (Building Technology Institute) and PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene) approvals. Thanks to them it is possible to use the objects for various purposes.


Another advantage that distinguishes prefabricated halls is the ease of keeping them clean. A simple pressure washer can be used without any problems. Another significant advantage is the very easy extension of such a facility.


When there is no longer enough space in the hall, several elements can be added quickly and easily in the same colour and with identical appearance.

Industrial, service and commercial buildings of the company Efekt

Industrial, service and commercial buildings of the company Efekt

The offer of Efekt company contains competitive prices and quality services, including delivery and assembly of industrial buildings and steel halls.


Our industrial buildings are of the highest quality. We provide comprehensive construction of industrial buildings in the whole country and abroad.
Our team uses modern and verified technologies, which are in accordance with the current safety standards. We use only materials from renowned manufacturers, which guarantees the high quality of our buildings.


Efekt company is constantly enriching and developing its offer of industrial buildings and halls to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers and to adapt to the constantly changing conditions on the construction market. Our company is open to the realization of orders for industrial buildings and halls of various purposes. In our offer you will find, among others:

  • commercial pavilions
  • gastronomic pavilions
  • kiosks
  • garages
  • security containers
  • office pavilions

As a modern and dynamic expanding company, we place great emphasis on the most important aspects, which are: quality, functionality and construction safety.


The staff working in the company Efekt always strives to meet the expectations of all customers.
The main advantages of our facilities are:

  • optimal steel frame of the hall
  • adjusting the dimensions of objects to each client
  • a wide range of façade colour solutions

Our industrial facilities are distinguished by:

  • high acoustic and thermal insulation parameters, which can be adapted to customer needs
  • weather resistance
  • precision of assembly
  • very high comfort factor
  • exploitation that is failure-free
  • modern design

If you are interested in a pavilion or a container made of sandwich panels for any application, feel free to contact us.

13. Commercial pavilions as temporary and permanent sales offices - Modulairefekt

Commercial pavilions as temporary and permanent sales offices

The use of commercial pavilions by car dealers is frequent use of commercial pavilions, but not the only one. Our commercial pavilions are also used as flat sales offices (for developers), car rental offices, commercial pavilions for used cars.


We do not sell standards, we realize individual orders, the size of commercial pavilions adjusted to customers’ needs, internal equipment, electrical and sanitary installations.
With a wide selection of façade finishing elements, we can build for you a unique pavilion, much different from the standard “tin hut”.


We use the highest quality, durable and resistant facade materials, which do not require maintenance even after many years of use, thus saving you time and money. A modern design is ensured thanks to the use of large windows, façade coffers, “V” type decorative elements, blinds, light dimmers. Wide glazing in the pavilion is ideally suited as a second-hand and new car sales facility, where the whole square and visiting customers are clearly visible.

Commercial pavilions made by our company, produced from the highest quality materials are verified before leaving the factory by our quality control department. We are constantly implementing innovative solutions thanks to which, our facilities are outstanding and unique in comparison with the competition.


The biggest advantage of modular construction is the fast lead time from an order through production to assembly. For customers who have decided to cooperate with us, we provide after-sales service. In fact, already at the phase of investment planning, customers can count on the advice of our specialists; who have already completed hundreds of projects.

1. Modern modular garages - Modulairefekt

Modern modular garages

Single or multi-space garages are manufactured from “obornicka boards” used for the construction of walls and roof, as well as top quality construction elements. Single-space garages are made completely at our company premises and subsequently transported to the customer in one piece. Multi-space garages are assembled using ready-made walls produced in the factory and mounted on the customer’s site.


Both types of garages are produced in a modular system. Their construction is based on the preparation of the ready-made walls and, as prefabricated elements, they are transported to the customer and assembled on site. The ground of the garage is prepared by the investor; it can be a concrete slab poured on the whole object or a slab lined with paving stones. Walls are fixed to the ground with wall rawlplugs, then screwed together at the top. The entire building is covered by a roof panel.


If necessary, garages can be equipped with sectional, roller or sliding gates with the possibility of using electric or mechanical opening mechanism. We also provide the possibility of additional electrical installation, windows or steel doors. Their colouring is adjusted to the customer’s preferences.

Warehouses halls made of sandwich panels - Modulairefekt

Warehouses halls made of sandwich panels

Warehouse halls within our offer are objects made of sandwich panels. Their main purpose is to store, stock various types of products, raw materials, etc. Their characteristic feature is high resistance to weather conditions and very good thermal insulation.


Warehouse halls are produced by our company for individual customer needs. Our offer contains products designated both for large buildings as well as for small buildings. You can also add such warehouse hall to an existing building.


Warehouse halls that we offer can be equipped with air conditioning. Its installation is completely trouble-free – it can be installed in every place, on every wall. This allows us to make the best use of the rooms. Walls which are made of sandwich panels have PZH and ITB approvals. This means that we can store all kinds of products on them. Our warehouse halls are produced on the basis of a lightweight casing made of sandwich panel. This provides our clients with ample possibilities when developing their business.

Office container - your company's showpiece - Modulairefekt

Office container – your company’s showpiece

Office containers produced by our company are tailor-made to fit the individual needs of each and every customer. There are no limits to the size and design of our office containers. Office containers produced by us are flexible modular objects. The modular construction of our containers allows for quick extension and shift to another location.


Office containers used as company offices, apartments sales offices for developers, offices of production managers, offices of company divisions in a different location than the headquarters, car sales offices (car dealer), car rental offices, advisory containers, office containers with workshops, office containers for sale of caravans. We equip our office objects with sanitary facilities, electrical installation and floor finishing (floor panels). Thanks to the modular construction, the only restrictions to the size (width, height and height) of the object are the customer’s needs.


Office containers made from materials with very good thermal insulation properties, walls made from sandwich panels, airtight window frames, glasses with a low sound and heat permeability coefficient have a positive impact on the object’s operating costs (heating costs in office containers).


P.E.EFEKT S.C. produces, supplies and assembles modular office containers of any width, height and height. We manufacture pavilions for individual orders. We offer equipment such as social rooms with office equipment.