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Where to buy a commercial pavilion?

Efekt company’s commercial pavilions are manufactured in modular systems. Our objects are made of prefabricated elements, thanks to which the lead time is very short. This is probably a great advantage for the client, as the investment phase is shortened, so the possible return on investment is faster.


Our offer includes ready-made pavilions (mobile commercial pavilions) for sale for cash or leasing. These include service containers, which can be used e.g. for cafes. Such a facility will certainly meet the requirements of even the most demanding customer.


Kiosks can be used as a gastronomic point or as an exhibition pavilion, commercial, gastronomic stands which will be used as a small gastronomic booth with a serving window, points of sale for a flat sales office, parking booths as a Porter’s or Guardians’ lodge. Industrial objects used for storage or production halls. Pavilion prices can be lowered by reducing the use of window and door frames in the selected object made of sandwich panels.


Thanks to the flexibility of such a system, there is no problem, that if a pavilion is enlarged, it cannot be quickly extended and adapted to your needs. Already at the design and construction stage, our team applies very advanced solutions including a set of basic installations, bathrooms, air conditioning, ventilation, alarm systems.


Containers made by Efekt company have a steel construction. The walls of the pavilions are made of “PW” type sandwich panels with polyurethane, polystyrene or mineral wool core, and the floor is installed on galvanised steel construction elements, insulated with mineral wool and covered with OSB board, which is supported by steel frames. Our company also manufactures much more advanced and complicated pavilions, which consist of spatial modules, containing complete rooms.


Pavilions that are available in our offer can have a substantially large space, which depends on the wishes and requirements of the customer. Lightweight prefabricated foundations can be used to put them in place. This is especially important if the building is to be temporary. This means, that official procedures related to building permits are simplified and the investment process is cheaper and much faster. No one should be surprised that our team will adapt to all the requirements of our clients and will propose comprehensive solutions.

Warehouses halls made of sandwich panels - Modulairefekt

Warehouses halls made of sandwich panels

Warehouse halls within our offer are objects made of sandwich panels. Their main purpose is to store, stock various types of products, raw materials, etc. Their characteristic feature is high resistance to weather conditions and very good thermal insulation.


Warehouse halls are produced by our company for individual customer needs. Our offer contains products designated both for large buildings as well as for small buildings. You can also add such warehouse hall to an existing building.


Warehouse halls that we offer can be equipped with air conditioning. Its installation is completely trouble-free – it can be installed in every place, on every wall. This allows us to make the best use of the rooms. Walls which are made of sandwich panels have PZH and ITB approvals. This means that we can store all kinds of products on them. Our warehouse halls are produced on the basis of a lightweight casing made of sandwich panel. This provides our clients with ample possibilities when developing their business.

Modular construction of the Efekt company is the future …

Modular construction has many advantages. The most important is the relatively short investment time, and thanks to shortening the time of construction works, this method is also cheaper. The advantage is also limiting the nuisance of construction works and environmental conditions. Conducting production work in the plant, rather than in an open area, reduces carbon dioxide and dust emissions, which directly affects the air quality

Currently, the market situation contributes to the increase in the popularity of modular construction. The increase in the prices of building materials – on the one hand, and the lack of employees – on the other, translate into higher costs for developers, which is why new modular technology improvements, innovative solutions that allow, for example, building high-rise objects.
Modular buildings are mainly built outside the plant, in a dry and safe facility, under strictly controlled conditions, protected from weather conditions, using the same materials (wood, concrete and steel), design codes and architectural specifications, as well as traditional construction methods.
 Modular buildings are far from a temporary solution and certainly the future will be … the company Efekt

Terreinvoorbereiding (betonblokken) voor Tiny House Smart Home Office Containers Tiny Houses Efekt Dutch Cabin


Eerder heb ik in het kort de betonnen sokkel beschreven, die naar onze mening de beste oplossing en ondergrond is voor Kantoorunits, Kantoor, Kantoorcontainer, Zelfbouwcontainer

maar het is ook mogelijk om de odergrond uit betonblokken voor te bereiden

– betonblokken

Het grootste voordeel van betonblokken ten opzichte van een betonnen fundering is dat ze kant-en-klaar kunnen worden gekocht en gebruikt. Dit betekent dat u zich geen zorgen hoeft te maken over het intensieve voorbereidings- en droogproces. Ons team zal adviseren dat de betonblokken voldoende zijn om als fundering onder ons gebouw te dienen. Onze architect zal de grootte van het gebouw beoordelen en advies geven over het type fundering dat nodig is. Als onderdeel van de bouwvergunningsprocedure zal uw gemeente u adviseren of de huidige perceelgrootte geschikt is voor bebouwing. De aard van onze gebouwen is niet duurzaam, maar de gebouwen zijn verplaatsbaar, zodat in de meeste gevallen geen extra grondonderzoek nodig is.

De belangrijke informatie die u moet weten over betonblokken is hoe ze worden geplaatst.

Dit zal worden uitgewerkt door onze architect tijdens het ontwerpproces, en de klant zal een specifiek plan krijgen voor de plaatsing van de betonblokken (zoals hieronder afgebeeld)

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